~ Warming the Earth One Sock at a Time ~
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Helping the Homeless

At Global Warming, one of our main charitable focuses is the homeless community. In the United States, nearly 554,000 people access homeless services across the country, making up around 0.5% of the U.S. population. These statistics are exceedingly high, and unfortunately, this issue also affects our hometown. In 2016, around 9,400 people were reported using these services in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Global Warming resides. From the very beginning, we aimed to assist these people by donating our products for their use and aid; hence, these homeless shelters inspired the plan for our business, due to their most valued resources. Though they are easily overlooked, socks are the topmost-requested item by the homeless population. Socks are intended to absorb heat, as well as protect feet from bacteria that lead to diseases such as athlete’s foot. Without this simple item of clothing, people may suffer from the cold, as well as become more susceptible to illness. For these reasons, our company provides an extensive product-line consisting of various designs of socks and toboggans. We desire to raise awareness to this simple necessity; therefore, as we sell our products, we donate socks to various shelters. With the purchase of a deluxe sock box, we donate a pair of socks to the homeless community. In addition, our school hosts “Sock Drives” where we gather a multitude of socks to donate to our local homeless shelters and organizations. Overall, our company aspires to ensure that the homeless community is never overlooked, and that even the least obvious of their needs, such as a pair of socks, are provided.